A. Precision Boat Works
B. Designer
C. Sales
D. Used Boats
E. Outboard Engines
F. Factory Options
G. Dealer Options
H. Past Production Boats
I. Miscellaneous Tech Questions
J. Maintenance
K. Trailers

A. Precision Boat Works

Who is Precision?
Precision is owned by Bill and Richard Porter, founded in 1978, now in business for nearly 39 years they have thrived in an industry that has seen over 100 direct competitors of theirs cease to exist. Their long term success is based on building a product that is designed by a professional sailboat designer and boats that are built to last and provide you with a sailboat that you and your family will enjoy to use. And you will experience the exclusive pride of ownership that is inherent by owning a new renowned Precision Sailboat!

Where is the Factory?
Located in Palmetto, FL. just north of Sarasota, FL. and just south of St. Petersburg, FL.

Are factory visits possible?
Yes, all we ask is that if you are serious about buying a new Precision, please give us a call at least a week in advance so we that we may schedule your visit. Brief tour takes about 45 minutes and you will see many features that we offer that no other small sailboat builder in the U.S. offers. But please.....................ask your closest Precision dealer to make the appointment for you and we always appreciate a call in advance. We are not open on weekends.

We have not seen any advertising on Precision?
From time to time we run small ads in such publications as Sail, Sailing, Sailing World and some regional publications. Other companies may run more advertising but we prefer to spend more money on our boats, features, benefits and gear, which provides you and your investment in a new boat far better value and enjoyment in your new boat vs. than your money going to help pay for a full color ad in the magazines. You end up with better value, and better gear with our smaller ad budgets.

Do you sell boats at the Factory?
No..........we only market our boats through authorized Precision dealers. That way you have a close local contact not only to assist you with the buying process but with local sailing knowledge and expertise. And they are there for after sales service and questions, all things that just cannot be done correctly over the phone or by internet. They also rig the boat when it is new, install your specific dealer installed options that you require and they provide new boat orientation to you so that your first time sailing experience with your new Precision is pleasurable.


B. Designer

Do you use a naval architect?

Yes...............Mr. Jim Taylor. And glad you asked as most other small sailboat builders do not use a designer!! Would you buy an airplane from someone who has not designed or has limited experience in designing an airplane? No. Would you buy a house not designed by a trained home design professional? No way. Yet some sailors buy sailboats designed by people with little or no naval design knowledge or very few of their designs in use, Sounds odd, yet it happens.

Is this important?
As you compare features and benefits of our boats verses others, make sure you include the skill level and list of designer accomplishments as part of your research. Do not take no for an answer from the dealer or other builder, insist that they furnish you with their designers information and list of other builds. For more info on Mr. Jim Taylor, click on: JIM TAYLOR There are few things in life more frustrating that a sailboat that just does not sail well and/or is uncomfortable to sail or use. By using Jim Taylor for all of our designs, coupled with our nearly 30 years of building experience, you will not suffer these indignities with Precision Sailboats. There is a difference!


C. Sales

Do you have dealers near me?
All you have to do is fill out the information request form and we will make sure that your requested Precision information is sent to you by the dealer nearest to your location, and you will also receive the location of the dealer nearest to you that has the boats in stock that you are interested in. It is important you see our boats in person where possible to fully realize our significant features and benefits that are unique to our Precisions and are just not found in any other small sailboat on the market. As you visit your dealer, make sure to inform them that you have an interest in a new Precision and they will help to make you familiar with our unique features. And for more reasons as to why you should demand all of our very important features and benefits in a new boat for your families use, please do not hesitate to call our sales office after you have visited the dealer, we are always happy to assist you.

You build only boats under 30 feet?
Yes, many other of our competitors build much larger boats as well, for nearly 30 years we specialize in the smaller boats. That way you are ensured of our full attention to your particular size of boat. With other builders, if you need factory assistance for any reason, you will be last in line for questions/comments/factory help as the big boat owner is going to get their attention first. Not with us, small boats are all we have our complete attention! Ask our dealers which company is easier to do business with and more attentive to the dealers and small boat buyers needs. Precision.

U.S. suggested list price is in our web site, go to the home page and click on BOATS, then to the model(s) that you have an interested in, prices are in those pages.

Other Costs?
Yes, as with most all new sailboats, you have to keep in mind that prices are subject to change without notice. Our boats are priced F.O.B. Palmetto, FL., and do not include truck transportation to your closest dealer, dealer prep/new owner orientation (commissioning) bottom paint, ground tackle, safety gear, outboard engine, state or local taxes and registration. You will need to consult with your Precision dealer on all these items to come up with a true sail-away cost. Note: these are items that, for the most part, need to be added to any new sailboat being purchased, regardless of brand. Make sure you add the costing all of these items to any other brand or size being compared so that you have a truthful "apples to apples" pricing comparison.

Precisions seem to cost more?
We may in fact cost a bit more than brand X or Y. But......................we typically have a physically larger boat per length, especially in the dinghy range but more importantly, we have sound design skills employed (see Jim Taylor) and many features and benefits just not offered on the other brands. In our larger boats, we use lead ballast and fiberglass easy to use and maintain centerboards, for one example. Others may build to low price, not performance or comfort. We have added these many advantages to make your sailing experience far more pleasurable and as we are different and offer more, you may find the cost to be a bit more. But if you buy a lesser priced boat without good design and all of our features, you may find your new brand X or Y boat to be a disappointment both in sailing traits, seating comfort, safety and pride of ownership. So if you save $1,000.00 with the purchase of brand X or Y, (for example) and you end up disliking the boat and do not use it...........did you save the $1,000.00? Or................did you waste the entire investment in brand X or Y? And then keep in mind we have features that others simply do not offer at any cost so you will gain more features and benefits with our boats as well.

Precision sailboat re-sale value?
Precisions in general seem to have added re-sale value as a well designed and constructed boat tends to "age" better. That is, given routine and customary maintenance, Precisions continue to look good over the years and will return more of your original investment. But keep in mind, as will all boats, condition is everything in re-sale value, a well maintained boat will always return you more money down the road if you have performed the basic maintenance procedures.

Is it possible to finance a new Precision?
Yes, sailboats have historically been very easy to finance. Some banks will loan up to 90% of the purchase price as sailboat loans have a very low rate of default and most quality sailboats enjoy decent re-sale value. Ask your dealer about their loan resources and then compare those to what your personal local bank can do for you. Some are using home equity lines for their sailboat loans. But in general, getting a sailboat loan is very easy and quick to do, simply ask your local dealer for details.

New boat warranty details?
Contact your nearest authorized Precision Dealer for full details but in brief, One and Five. First year is that your new boat will be free from all manufacturing defects and materials as offered with the new Precision as built from the factory. Typically any new boat "bugs", while rare, are discovered as your dealer "commissions" (AKA, rigging or dealer prep) your new boat prior to you going through the new boat orientation process with them. And for Five years, with few restrictions, your new boat is warranted to be free of major structural defects in both materials and workmanship.

Who would administer any warranty requests?
The selling dealer is your contact for any warranty questions or requests. They know the boat as they performed the dealer preparation prior to delivery to you; they were the one that completed the new boat delivery orientation with you so they are familiar with you and your new boat. They are also the location where any pre-approved warranty work would be performed if ever needed. Happy to report
our warranty requests are very rare!


D. Used Boats

Used boats cost less? a used car may cost less than a new car, a used boat may initially cost less than a new boat. But, most people buying their first or second sailboat really need the comfort and peace of mind that a new boat provides in the way of new equipment, dealer assistance and new boat warranty. As they are new to the sport, and are not interested in learning how to be a boat repairmen, the new boat
allows you to be on the water enjoying sailing with their family .............not learning how to fix a boat.

Are used boats reliable?
As with used cars, again, you may occasionally find a bargain here and there but usually any used sailboat of any brand may be in need of new sails, new standing rigging, new interior cabin cushions, new running rigging, significant trailer repair, and all centerboards/swing keels/rudder may need attention. If you have a good background in basic engineering, understand the function of sailing hardware, are good with tools and have all those tools along with the cash budget to replace or repair many, many items on a sailboat, or have the ability to pay the boatyard to effect those repairs, a used boat may fit your needs. Also know that it is one thing to repair a boat to functionality, but make sure you know how to affect the repairs to make it safe at sea for your family as well. And just know that a used boat is that........................Used..............and you will have work to do and money to spend to fix up that old boat. Most people today, especially those with limited time and repair skills/tools, would rather just go sailing with their family, and not take the time to learn how to be a boat restorer or mechanic. Remember, that sails, running rigging, standing rigging, etc. are similar to worn out tires on an automobile. If you have a several year old BMW and it just does not handle well in the rain with worn
out know with new tires it is a whole different handling car. Same with sailboats, keep the "wear" equipment properly maintained and replaced as necessary to fully realize the maximum performance and safety capabilities of the boat. To obtain the best sailing traits out of our boats, you need to have good equipment supporting the great hull designs that Jim Taylor has provided.

But if you enjoy working on technical items, have all the necessary tools willing to research and learn about how sailboat hardware and fittings work, and have a good knowledge of fiberglass structural and cosmetic repair and really want more of a work project versus spending time on the water sailing with your family, a used boat may be a fun project for you.

Where are used Precisions found?
The best place to find a used Precision is at an Authorized Precision Boat Works dealer. And they are in the best position to advise you as to the current condition of all items the need to be examined to ensure proper and safe operation of a used boat. And they have not only the experience and skill level to advise you as to the condition, they have the sources for you to locate any new parts or labor to repair
necessary to make the old used boat function correctly and safely.

Some people will also see boats for sale from an owner direct. Please do keep in mind that if you do locate a boat from the owner directly, that owner should be able to take on the role that a sailboat dealer performs. They should be able to show you things they would repair/replace if they were to keep the boat, and they should also be able to advise where to find new parts or pieces. And in both instances, dealer and/or private party sale, make sure that either party provides you with used boat
orientation so that you are familiar with the correct operation of boat, trailer, and/or outboard engine. That responsibility of the selling party is important and you would be well advised to hire a sailing instructor from you local sailing school to spend an afternoon with you and your family to ensure fun and safe operation of your used boat.


E. Outboard Engines

What size outboard engine for my new Precision?
Due to the many manufacturers of engine models available and wide variations of wind/water conditions nationwide, it is best that you consult with your dealer to discuss your needs. In general, think in terms of 4 stroke engines, long shaft engine, and keep your engine selection as light and small as you can but still ensure that you have the torque and horsepower to satisfy your requirements. Larger than necessary heavy outboard engines only cause the balance of the boat to be incorrect. As with all sailboats, keep the ends (fore and aft) as light as possible to keep the boat sailing on its designed lines.


F. Factory Options

What options do you offer from the factory?
As the boats are very well equipped with standard equipment, all of our available factory options are listed in each boats information area of our web site. As we are a production builder, we do not offer any custom options but you and your dealer can better discuss and select other gear you need for your dealers installation. Have fun customizing your new boat along with your dealer, it is really a very enjoyable process!


G. Dealer Options

What dealer options may be available?
Our standard boat is well equipped but there are items that you and your dealer will want to discuss in order to equip the boat to suit your particular needs as those needs vary greatly from region to region and from owner to owner. Some items to discuss are U.S. Coast Guard safety gear, dock lines, anchor and rode, outboard engine, covers, etc.

Are different colors available for the hull?
Due the considerable amount of extra caution and maintenance required for colored hulls, virtually all owners keep the boats in the white gel coat. But if you do think you would like a different color of hull and stripes, consult with your Precision dealer and get their recommendations for a local paint shop that can properly prep and apply LPU paints..................those paints are fairly robust and do have decent
resistance to sun fading. But do be aware that they all require more maintenance than just the occasional wash and wax that gel coat requires.

Do your smaller sailing dinghies have hiking straps?
No, we do not offer them as a factory option due to the wide variety of hiking strap materials and design to suit your particular sailing needs; straps are best installed at the owner or dealer end. Most small cruising sailing dinghies do not have them and unless you or your family needs them for performance competition, you may find that they get in the way. But.............easy to do after the fact with dealer input.

How do I install spinnaker gear?
Spinnaker gear can basically be installed on virtually all sailboats and your dealer or sailmaker can advise you as the basic baseline hardware requirements are all very similar, just different sized hardware. As with most custom options, due to the wide variety of spinnaker sail designs, hardware, sheets, guys, pole and gear layout design to suit your particular sailing needs, you are always best to work with your sailboat dealer/rigger and/or sailmaker to ensure that you investigate all possibilities
to suit your particular spinnaker and gear wants and needs.


H. Past Production Boats

Do you have information on the older smaller boats?
Yes, click on P-13-14-16 (opens another page) to see the PDF page on the Precision 13/14/16. Some parts are still available (not sails) or adaptable from current production boats but call our parts dept. for information for P-13/14/16 parts.

Information on the P-27 and P-28?
Yes, click on either P-27 PDF or P-28 PDF to see the information on these boats. The 27 and 28 are wonderful boats but we have just become too busy with our many other models to have the physical room to manufacture these units in our production facility. Most parts are still available but they are special order items and as such there may be long lead times for replacement items.


I. Miscellaneous Tech Questions

What is a topping lift?
The topping lift is a line from the masthead to the outboard of the boom. It is used to hold up the boom during reefing as well as used to hold the boom up while the mainsail is being lowered as well as hold up the boom when the boat is at rest. It is standard on our P-18/21/23. Topping lifts are typically not found on sailing dinghies, including our P-15/P-165 and P-185.

What is a mainsail bolt rope?
Bolt rope is virtually that, a rope (or the like) sewn into the luff of the mainsail and that is inserted into the mast tunnel and then keeps the sail captive in the mast tunnel during use. Typically found on sailing dinghies and on larger race boats but the use varies greatly.

What are main sail slugs used for?
They are short "slugs" usually found on larger boats, P-18/21/23 for example. They make reefing and lowering the larger mainsails on these types of boats easier, and makes for easier flaking of the mainsail over the boom prior to installing the optional acrylic mainsail cover.

Jib or Genoa Furling
For the 15 and 185, we offer the Harken dinghy furling equipment, as with most boats of this size, we use a wire luff jib which replaces the more common head stay used on hank on jibs. On the larger boats, P-165/18/21/23, we offer optional furling systems that install over the headstay, CDI and Schaefer, for example.

Centerboard Controls
Unlike other brands, our boats fiberglass centerboards are easily controlled by simple piece of Dacron line in the cockpit. No winches frayed and corrode wire cables here, simple line controls that even a small child can use easily and safely.

General Boat Dimensions
All basic dimensions are in our web site on each models description page.

Bottom paint & Barrier coat
Due to many different types of use of our boats, as well as the many different types of water and water conditions nationwide, consult with your Precision dealer or local marine paint supplier to select the correct paints and correct application procedure for your particular areas use.

Most of the parts used to manufacture your new boat are available from Precision or from your Precision dealer. Parts pages are in our web site, top of the home page has navigation buttons. Note that dealer or previous owner installed options are not available from Precision and you will want to consult with the person you purchased the boat from to source these non-factory optional equipment. Basically, if you do not see the parts listing in our web site, we do not have that part available.


J. Maintenance

Where do I learn more about keeping my boat in good operation condition?
Multiple to your friends that own boats, your local sailboat dealer as well as a considerable number of websites online have an enormous amount of material to read and most link to other resources. Also, many suppliers of maintenance products have application and recommendation data available online.


K. Trailers

What brand of trailers is available for a new Precision?

Over the years, we have had trailers built by Performance Trailers, Magic Tilt and Road King. Our current models are manufactured by Magic Tilt. and are custom built to suit each particular model. We carefully match the hull support, keel or centerboard support, weight balance as well as many other factors so your trailering experience is pleasant and trouble free. Each new Precision that is ordered with our optional trailers is custom adjusted at our factory prior to shipping so you know the fit is correct. Always purchase a correctly engineered and properly adjusted trailer, anything less and/or under engineered trailer may cause damage to your boat and also cause the trailering process to be dangerous when going down the road. A trailer is the last place you want to look for low price!


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