Catagory Description Price
1 PBW10012   Block, Cheek Pix $35.20
2 PBW10014   Block, Fiddle Pix $73.00
3 PBW10015   Block, Fiddle W/ Cam + Becket Pix $195.00
4 PBW10016   Block, Jib/Genoa Lead Pix $44.00
5 PBW10023   Block, Upright Lead Pix $41.75
1 PBW15011   Light Masthead replacement for Older Boats with wood block   $82.76
2 PBW15001   Light, Interior Dome   $29.75
3 PBW15004   Light, Running Bow Red/Green   $36.00
4 PBW15006   Light, Running Stern White   $33.00
5 PBW15007   Panel, Electrical   $56.25
6 PBW15009   Plug, 2 Wire Deck   $19.49
1 PBW20001   Anchor Locker Lid (FRP)   N/A
2 PBW20003   Companionway - Main Cabin sliding (FRP)   N/A
3 PBW20005   Drop Boards, Starboard Material   $185.00
4 PBW20009   Forward Opening Hatch - Aluminum W/O Trim Ring   $960.50
5 PBW20024   Forward Opening Hatch - Trim Ring (For Alum. Hatch)   N/A
6 PBW20008   Forward Opening Hatch - White Plastic (Old Style) W/Trim Ring   $419.00
7 PBW20013   Fuel Tank - Lid (FRP)   N/A
8 PBW20015   Sail Locker - Lid (FRP)   N/A
1 PBW25005   Beverage Holder   $3.00
2 PBW25001   Cooler (Does not include teak step)   N/A
3 PBW25003   Cooler Tie Down Line   $7.00
4 PBW25012   Cushions Sets, Interior   $QUOTE
5 PBW25016   Gel Coat, 1/2 Pint   N/A
6 PBW25018   Logo, Precision Name (each)   $10.00
7 PBW25023   P-18 Owner's Manual   $10.00
8 PBW25027   Tape, per side - shear   $26.40
9 PBW25033   Tape, per side - waterline   $36.80
1 PBW30003   Centerboard - Fiberglass - (Custom Ship Cost)   N/A
2 PBW30006   Centerboard Hangar Bracket, W/ Pin Pix $99.56
3 PBW30007   Centerboard, Pennant   $8.00
4 PBW30010   Hair Pin Cotter   $2.70
5 PBW30011   Rudder Assembly - Complete   N/A
6 PBW30017   Rudder Blade, Fiberglass   N/A
7 PBW30022   Rudder Head - Aluminum   $490.00
8 PBW30027   Rudder Tension Bolt-Nut & Handle   $37.50
9 PBW30030   Tiller, Wood, Only (No Tiller Extension)   $175.00
10 PBW30032   Transom Pintles (ea.)   $69.00
1 PBW40042   18 Jib, Hank on   $388.00
2 PBW40003   Battens (Sold as a set only)   $44.50
3 PBW40033   Cockpit Cushions, White Vinyl Covers W/Zipper, 2 inch closed cell foam   $995.00
4 PBW40009   Main Sail Cover - Dark Blue Sunbrella   $389.00
5 PBW40043   SAIL R/F 135% GENOA FOR CDI FF1   $670.00
6 PBW40019   Sail, Main W/Reef, Battens & Bag   $710.00
7 PBW40025   Sail, R/F 150% Genoa W/Luff Tape & Cover (For CDI-FF1 Furling Gear)   $719.00
8 PBW40037   Sail. R/F 110% for (For CDI - FF1 Sail only)   $563.00
9 PBW40028   Tiller Cover Dark Blue Only   $49.00
1 PBW50002   Boom Vang, Complete   $260.00
2 PBW50021   Down Haul   N/A
3 PBW50027   Jib Halyard   $67.00
4 PBW50030   Jib Sheet   N/A
5 PBW50033   Jiffy Reef   N/A
6 PBW50039   Main Halyard 5/16 x 49'   $70.00
7 PBW50043   Main Sheet 5/16 x 34'   $67.50
8 PBW50047   Out Haul 3/16 x 12'   N/A
9 PBW50007   Running Rigging Set, Complete   $194.00
10 PBW50049   Shackle, Halyard   N/A
11 PBW50053   Topping Lift 1/8 x 26'   N/A
1 PBW60001   Backstay, Lower Split   $89.75
2 PBW60003   Backstay, Upper, W/O Adjuster   $99.00
3 PBW60007   Head Stay, With Turnbuckle   $135.00
4 PBW60014   Shroud, Lower, With Turnbuckle   $97.75
5 PBW60020   Shroud, Upper, With Turnbuckle   $104.75
6 PBW60027   Standing Rigging Set, Complete, W/TB   $667.50
7 PBW60035   T-Toggle   $27.75
8 PBW60029   Turnbuckle (ea.)   $52.00
1 PBW65027   Boom, complete   $484.44
2 PBW65024   Cleat, Downhaul W/ tube ( Pix N/A
3 PBW65025   Mast Pin Assembly   N/A
4 PBW65007   Mast Step   $81.99
5 PBW65013   Mast, Complete W/ SS Fittings Installed   $1028.88
6 PBW65018   Sail Stop   $17.39
7 PBW65023   Spreader - (ea.) (Specify Old Style 22.25 in. or New Style 19.00 in.)   $65.15
1 PBW70001   Bow Eye, Stainless Steel   $12.50
2 PBW70002   Cap Plug & Washer, Lg. Or Sm. Plated   $1.50
3 PBW70090   Car, Jib/Genoa Track   $19.00
4 PBW70013   Chain Plate Backup   $21.00
5 PBW70017   Chain Plates (ea.)   $12.85
6 PBW70005   Cleat Cam Pix $38.15
7 PBW70092   Cleat, CB Line 4.25 Inch   $6.00
8 PBW70004   Cleat, Mooring - 6 inch   $7.00
9 PBW70087   Genoa Gear Kit (Old Style)   N/A
10 PBW70006   Hasp - Main Cabin   $NA
11 PBW70007   Hinge, Stamped Stainless   $6.00
12 PBW70008   Inspection Port 6 in   $13.00
13 PBW70009   Inspection Port, 3 1/2 in   $8.00
14 PBW70039   Ladder S/S Swim   $235.00
15 PBW70042   Lifelines, (ea.)   $175.00
16 PBW70046   Outboard Motor Mount   $315.00
17 PBW70050   Port, Opening, Lewmar-Small Pix N/A
18 PBW70054   Rail, Bow   $QUOTE
19 PBW70058   Rail, Stern   $QUOTE
20 PBW70061   Rubrail   N/A
21 PBW70069   Stanchions - Tapered (ea.)   $137.50
22 PBW70071   Stem Head   $45.00
23 PBW70075   Strap, Small Eye Pix $1.95
24 PBW70076   Track (ea.) - Jib / Genoa Pix $55.00
25 PBW70081   Track, End Stops (ea.)   $6.55
26 PBW70089   Turn Button, Anchor locker lid Pix $1.00
1 PBW80001   Cooler Step, Teak   $85.00
2 PBW80007   Main Bulkhead   $295.00
1 PBW85001   Companionway Hatch Board Keepers (ea.)   $48.00
2 PBW85002   Main Cabin Hatch Slides (ea.) (Port or Starboard)   $B-ORDER
3 PBW85006   Trim, Main Companionway, Edging (ea.)   $45.00
We will require the following information
to insure you receive the proper parts.
Boat Model: P-18 
Year Built: ______________________________________
Boat Serial Number: ______________________________________
Keel Type :

Your Name: _______________________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City/State/ZIP: _______________________________________
Area Code and Phone Number: _______________________________________
(optional) Email Address: _______________________________________


Please place your parts order by phone.
Our phone number is (941) 722-6601
Our Customer Service & Parts hours are
Monday through Wednesday
9:00am to 3:00pm, Eastern Time
9:00am to 12:00pm, Eastern Time


Important Ordering Information

Ordering Information
Please make certain you are ordering the correct part(s) that you need. When in doubt, call us at 941.722.6601 and please remember to have your Complete Hull Number/Boat Model/Year available at the time of your call. The form listed at the end of our parts page will show you all the data we will be requesting and give you a work sheet to review when you call us to order the parts. At that time of your call, we will then quote you for packing/shipping/insurance/delays/sales tax calculations, etc. And at that time we will request your credit card information.

Parts guarantees are provided by the manufacturer of that particular part and guarantees are administered by that particular supplier, not by Precision Boat Works. Any parts manufactured by Precision Boat Works have a 90 warranty to be free from manufacturing defects. This (and other) guarantees are voided in the event of commercial use, misuse, neglect, improper installation, or mis-diagnosis. At our option, we will repair or replace any of our products found to be defective subject to our inspection and approval. No electrical items are returnable or refundable. Any suspected defective items must have a prior authorization from Precision Boat Works to be returned UPS prepaid to our factory. Any parts being returned will need to have a copy of the original invoice returned along with the suspected defective item. Upon those parts arrival at Precision, proper & corrective action will be determined at that time.

Special Orders/Custom Products
In some instances, we may have to special order out of production or custom parts, if we deem them readily available. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required prior to the order being placed and delivery will be determined once the firm order is placed with the supplier or our custom shop. No refunds or returns are available with these parts.

Special Orders/Custom Products
In some instances, we may have to special order out of production or custom parts, if we deem them readily available. A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required prior to the order being placed and delivery will be determined once the firm order is placed with the supplier or our custom shop. No refunds or returns are available with these parts.

Maintenance Items/Aftermarket Parts
As we are a boat manufacturer marketing our products through authorized Precision Boat Dealers, as a boat builder, are not involved with maintenance items or procedures or personalization of after market options/parts. We do not stock or market those items and you will want to source those items through your local sailboat dealer, rigger or ship store in order to receive the exact personal items that best suit your particular needs. Parts we have available are listed in our parts page.

Technical Parts Support
Sailboat parts installation is best performed by a sailboat dealer or rigger for proper & safe installation. Due to the wide variations as to other gear that may have been installed on our boats after they leave our factory, consult with your closest sailboat professional for selection and installation. We cannot and do not provide technical training for repair parts installation/boat modification/customization/sailing lessons over the phone/fax or by e-mail. For safe & proper gear installation, please contact and contract with your local boat repair yard/rigger/or sailboat dealer. They will be able to give you a price quote to provide parts and labor to correctly & safely install any new or replacement parts. Always test any new or replacement parts installation for proper operation prior to placing the vessel into service.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa and MasterCard. And for your added Visa MasterCardprotection, we do not keep your credit card information on file after your order has shipped. We do not and cannot accept any C.O.D. orders. Personal checks are accepted but will delay shipping your parts order until our bank has confirmed the clearance of your check at your bank.

We use UPS Ground Services exclusively for virtually all parts shipments. Please refer to the following map for typical delivery times for UPS Ground service. We cannot utilize US Postal Services for any packages other than letter size & weight parts shipments. Please remember UPS cannot deliver to US Postal Services boxes for shipments.

If requested, an upgrade to quicker delivery UPS services is available. (See Order Processing for cost information) In addition to shipping costs, a nominal handling/packaging fee is added to the overall costs. Oversize/overweight fees may apply with some items, usually centerboard, rudders, etc. And for some rudders/centerboards/masts, etc. common carrier truck freight is required; you will save money on truck shipping if you can provide a business address for the final destination. Sorry, but we do not provide any Drop Shipments or C.O.D. shipments.

Trailer Parts
Most boat trailer parts are generic and available from your local trailer dealer or local trailer parts supplier. It is always best to have a qualified trailer parts or trailer repair place view your trailer parts needs for compatibility and to ensure the proper parts are supplied. Other sources are online but make sure you have all dimensions/part numbers/product names/sizes on hand before ordering. Those suppliers can help you with correctly identifying the parts. We do not sell any trailer parts, the Precision dealer, boat dealer or person where you purchased your Precision can assist you in locating trailer parts and/or suppliers if you are unable to do so.

Order Processing
We are open to accept orders Monday---Thrusday from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time Zone.
Most orders are shipped within 72 hours provided the part(s) you are requesting are in our
inventory at time of order. However, in the busy Spring season, longer lead times to process
the order may be expected. Out of stock items or special orders are shipped as soon as
possible and an estimate of that time may be provided to you at the time of the order. In
some instances where we are able to and agree to, same day shipment may be possible provided
that part is in stock, and the order is placed before 10:00AM. A $15.00 expedited
shipment fee will be added to that invoice for this optional service.

Damage/Shipping Claims
Make certain your shipping destination has someone present to inspect and accept delivery of your shipment. It is vital that you inspect all packages in the presence of the driver/carrier as it is your responsibility to ensure in their presence that the shipment is not damaged. Any shipments damaged in transit must have claims made with that carrier at the time of delivery. All claims of loss, damage, or other destruction must be made with that particular carrier at that time. This is the policy of the carrier and we cannot administer their companies’ shipment/damage goods policy. Do not call Precision regarding damaged shipments; your exclusive remedy is with the shipping company.

Back Order Policy
If one (or more) of your parts requested is back ordered, we will ship the parts we do have in stock and initiate a new separate parts order for the back ordered part(s). These backorders are reviewed several times a week and processed as soon as those items are received at our facility.

Product Changes
As we are constantly updating and revising our products, and subject to our suppliers doing the same, in some instances parts for older product(s) may not be available. However, we will make every effort to provide suitable replacements or relay to you sources for such items. This pertains to original equipment as provided or installed on the boat when it was manufactured. Due to the wide variation of dealer or owner installed items after the boat was shipped from Precision, contact your dealer or ships store to source those non-Precision installed equipment. Precision Boat Works has no liability to update previously sold items or for parts suppliers that cease to manufacture any previously installed item.

Merchandise that was incorrectly ordered may be exchanged within 14 days of arrival at your destination provided it is returned to us in new & unused condition shipping pre-paid. Order errors caused by Precision will be accepted in return in the same condition and if deemed to be a Precision error, the UPS Ground transportation back to Palmetto, FL. will be re-imbursed back to the buyer. Any return for any reason must have prior approval. All returned items are subject to inspection prior to credit being issued and no returns are possible on any electrical items. Exchange of incorrectly ordered parts is for the same or greater value.

Sales Tax
All shipments within the State of Florida are subject to the addition of 6.5% tax added to the invoice. Your obligation to sales tax rules & regulations vary from state to state and the buyer is responsible for adhering those rules & regulations.

Precision Boat Works hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied warranty or merchant ability of fitness for a purpose, and Precision neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for any liability in connection with the sale of this merchandise. Precision will be responsible only for “the products sold by us”. Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of product proved to be defective by Precision and/or its suppliers. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any loss of use, loss of any kind, injury, damage, direct or consequential, arising from the use of, or the inability of the product. After use, the user shall assume all risk & liability whatsoever in connection thereof.

UPS Freigth Charges

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