Who puts the quality into
Precision Boats?

Quality is built in by Brothers Richard and Bill Porter, owners & operators of Precision Boat Works for 40 years. During these 4 decades, they have excelled in building quality, value engineered, affordable trailerable sailboats. Precision Boat Works leads the small sailboat industry with well designed sailboats that are simple & fun to use. This philosophy is well executed in both our sailing daysailor models as well as in our keel/centerboard cabin maxi trailerable sailboats.

Quality is designed in by Mr. Jim Taylor who has been our designer of choice for all the current Precision sailboats. Jim is perhaps best known for his Sabre Yacht Sailboats and is one of the leading custom race boat designers in New England. Jim brings that extreme level of design skill to all of our boats. His enthusiasm for developing trailerable boats that sail well has been realized in all the Precision sailboats. The designs are well laid out with the user in mind, and the most is made of all available space.

The hulls/decks are all hand laminated fiberglass construction and are well appointed with top of the line hardware, leaving little to add. The boats are also designed with trailering in mind; centerboards are used in the 15 and 185, a lead shoal keel on the 165 and we feature the very efficient shoal keel/centerboard design on the 18, 21 and 23. These keel designs gets the ballast down low for stability and the kick up centerboard is housed completely below the cabin sole. These boats have none of the bad habits that many trailerable boats have. That is, they sail! They go upwind very well; they reach, run and have stability that inspires confidence in the new sailor.

Precision Boat Works continues to focus entirely on small sailboats and their long experience in this niche shows in each boat they construct. Their commitment to high-quality construction and function is unwavering, and they understand firsthand what makes sailing fun. Sophisticated buyers are sure to be impressed with the entire Precision line.



It's the precision in
our building that justify
it in our name.





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